Stunning picture of red and black 4" high heel sandals

Christine found this picture and it is amazing. I love it. I think it now becomes my most favourite ever picture of sexy high heels.

If I could get this as a mounted wall poster I would pay $100 for it. It is stunning.

I have made a very simple wallpaper using this picture and currently have it as my wallpaper. I have included my 1920 x 1200 wallpaper in the post. If you click the wallpaper picture above it will open from Christine's Skydrive. Then you can use the Download option (at the top) to download and save the wallpaper, or open it into your favourite viewer. Either way you can then make it your wallpaper.

One of the problems with this picture, as awesome as it is it does not match up with hardly any of our tags. About the only tag I could tag it with was "semi-plat sandals". I was thinking that we should have a couple of tags like "Christine's favs" and maybe "Justin's favs". I will suggest this at the next meeting of the team.

Also, Christine wants to know if anyone knows what brand of heels these are. Does anyone recognise that little silver metal branding on the underneath of the arch? There are a couple of brands that do this so it is not obvious. Please e-mail Christine or post a comment if you know the brand. Ei