Does Christine ever NOT approve a picture?

Another question we have had is "Does Christine ever not approve a picture?" . . . and the answer is YES! Readers who have been with us for a while will know that Christine has the final say about whether or not we post pictures where the cute babe is naked or semi-naked.

Firstly I don't generally send pictures to Christine for editing that I already know are not suitable for posting on our site. But there have been pictures that Christine has rejected (NOT approved). These have generally been pictures where the lady is naked and the high heels were not really a key feature of the picture.

More or less if the high heels are an obvious 'feature' of the picture and you can't see the lady's pussy parts then Christine will approve it.

The following picture is an example of one that only just got through the "Christine filter" and the reason it scrapped through was because the high heels are the clear and obvious main feature of the picture.