All of the team helps with the words

We had a comment a few posts ago asking who works out what we write with the postings (see this posting). I have done most of the actual postings. Christine has done a few. What is written with the postings in mostly from me and Christine.  Often when I send her pictures to be edited so I can post them she will send them back with a few lines and thoughts.

As an example the idea for the words that went with the lawyer girl posting were from Christine. Click the picture to see thatfull posting.

But also when we have our weekly meetings often I will show everyone some of the pictures I am planning to post and often Alise and Christine's boyfriend will come up with ideas for the words to go with them and I will note them in Evernote. Even Claire (Alise's friend) who has come to the last few get togethers of the group  has suggested stuff to post with some of the pictures.

So the answer to "who works out what we write" is that the whole team helps out but most of it comes from Christine and me.