Meeting of the board . . . numbers going down

As usual we had our 'meeting of the board' this weekend for Addicted To Heels. We just went to Gloria Jeans in Leederville because it is close to where Christine lives.

One of our main concerns is that the number of people coming to our site is falling and we don't know why. You sort of assume that your visitor numbers will just continually keep gradually going up as more people discover your site. You don't expect numbers to start falling.

One theory (from Alise's friend Claire) was that most people don't want to see 'all the writing'. All most people want are the pictures. But one of the differences about our site is that there is 'writing' to go along with the pictures. So if we were to stop adding writing with the pictures then we become just like any other high heels picture posting site.

Another theory (from Chistine's boyfriend) is that our pictures are too soft core and most people visiting a site like ours would be wanting something more hard core. Basically we draw the line at bare butt and boobies.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on why the visitor numbers could be falling please either e-mail Christine (see the sidebar to find out how to find Christine's e-mail address) or leave a comment.

Until the next post here is a picture that proves Asian girls look awesome in high heels.