Weekly meeting of the team . . . not sure what number

It was our weekly meeting of the addictedtoheels team yesterday. It was three girls and me this time. Christine's boyfriend did not come along. He was helping a friend move furniture from their previous rental into a new rental. So the 'addicted to heels' meeting was me with Christine, Alise, and Alise's friend Claire.

We met in the city because Alise and Claire were going 'city shopping' after the team coffee meeting. I generally hate going into the city.

It was one of our longer get togethers. A couple of points came up. Christine pointed out that we (that would be I) have not done many just legs and heels pictures lately. So I have sort of made up for that by doing four with this posting . . . I hope the 'just post legs and heels pictures' people, who are not that into pictures actually showing the lady wearing the heels, will forgive me for that.

Christine also pointed out that our 400th posting is coming up and did anyone have any ideas for a 'special' posting. In the end it was decided we would each pick out a favourite from all the postings we have done and we would re-post those in the 400th posting.

Alise asked what number meeting it was but I had no idea and nor did Christine. While we count the postings we have not kept any count of our regular get together meetings.

Apart from looking at hundreds of pictures we have not posted yet and deleting any of the pictures we did not thing were worthy of our site, and a lot of general chit-chat, that was about it.

Here are the promised 'just legs and heels pictures'.