High heels instantly make a woman much more sexy and desirable . . . why???

I still want to know what it REALLY is about high heels that they instantly make almost any female so much more sexually arousing . . . for the average male anyway. And it is not just that it makes her taller or her legs tighter. There is more. There is something else much deeper and involved going on here. I am sure of it.

Another thing with heels is that they are even sexy and arousing when they are not being worn by a female. Obviously it is MUCH better if they are on the feet of some babe, but for many men just seeing sexy high heels in a shop or in a magazine is kind of arousing.

Also this amazing effect of high heels works almost anywhere in the world. Certainly from my travels around I can confirm that men in the UK, Europe (Germany and France anyway), India, America, South Korea, and Australia (my home country) all find women in heels extremely arousing.

Do we have any visitors to the site from other countries, or even those countries, that would like to comment on the cock hardening properties of high heels in their countries? Maybe from Russia or Italy?

Does she know what those heels are doing to men passing by . . . . ?