Flowers on her stockings, flowers on the floor

This babe is wearing beautiful sort-of fish net stockings with flowers embroidered into the seam. The photographer, or maybe the model, thought that putting some flowers in the picture, to offset the embroidered flowers in the stockings, would enhance the picture.

This picture was found by Christine and she did some awesome but subtle editing to make it into a better picture.

If we have a 'secret weapon' at our high heels site compared to all the other high heels sites (of which there are hundreds) then it would have to be Christine and the editing she does to every picture. I am sorry if I talk about this too much but some of the stuff she does so quickly and so easily is really amazing.

Here is the before and after of the picture above. Reduced in size so they can be fitted side-by-side. But as you can see Christine has enlarged the original picture. The other obvious thing she did was give more colour to the pink flowers. Less obvious is the sharpening to make the picture look more solid, and the outlining she does around almost every picture we post.