Featuring high heels site . . . Fuck Yeah High Heels

Just looking back it is a long time since we did a "Featuring high heels site" posting. It looks like the last one was back at posting number 265 which was "Featuring high heels site . . .  'DO ME HEELS'". This is posting number 338 so that was over 70 postings ago.

So this time we are featuring "Fuck Yeah - High Heels".

You can click on the picture above to go to "Fuck Yeah - High Heels" which is another Tumblr picture site.

There has not been a lot of recent activity at this site but there are still some picture there worth looking at if you are running out of arousing high heel eye-candy.

The general image quality is no where near our standard. Many are reduced size with no option to obtain larger versions.