Our sexiness scores for types of high heels

In the last post I mentioned that at our last meeting we ended up rating the sexiness of the various styles of high heels. This all started when Christine said that she though stiletto peeptoe pumps were the sexist style (and no, unlike at our previous meeting, the girls were not wearing heels at this meeting).

Well as you can see from the chart below (created from out meeting notes by Christine) stiletto peeptoe pumps actually came in third based on our voting. Number One is stiletto slides and Number Two is stiletto sandals.

Before you check the graph it must be said that ALL high heels enhance the wearers sexiness and our 1 to 10 rating is relative to the general +2 sexiness effect of high heels when any girl puts heels on.

We all had to allocated 1 to 10 points for each style and we each only had one 10 we could use. I put my 10 points on stiletto slides. You don't see them much these days but they are seriously sexy. So did Christine's boyfriend. Christine put her 10 point on peeptoe pumps and Alise put her 10 points on stiletto sandals.

Christine pointed out the high heel slides are shit to wear because the shoe heel does not stay under your foot heel.

I was a bit surprised at the sling-back heels rating so well as they are not really a big favourite of mine and my score for those was only a 4 but the scores from the others brought these up to a 7 (Alise gave this style 9 points).

So our guarantee sexy heels picture for this post features wedge sandals, which came in second last in our little internal survey.