Celebs in heels . . . Eva Longoria

A bit like Sophie Monk (featured in the previous posting) Eva Longoria is also well known for wearing sexy heels almost everywhere and anywhere.

Following are three pictures of Eva definitely getting the full +2 sexual arousal benefit from wearing heels. This works for Eva even though in the first picture she is wearing wedge sandal heels which generally would not rate the full +2 arousal effect but they certainly seem to be working for her here. Maybe it is the combination of that dress with the wedge heels that is making them work. Christine has suggested it is because those wedge heels are fitting her feet perfectly. Apparently with wedge heels they have to fit perfectly or they don't work.

This set even includes a super-HD close up of Eva's feet in heels for those that just like to see the feet and heels.

Eva says she wears heels a lot because she is short and also because wearing heels with anything always makes her feel like a movie star (and that is a good feeling).