Meeting of the board . . . Hi to Alise's friend Claire

We had our Saturday 'meeting of the board' of Addicted to Heels yesterday. This time we went all the way down to Fremantle. We were at the Dome in South Terrace. We sort of made the mistake of sitting outside and it was a hot morning. It got to 37C in Perth and even at 10:30 it was getting very warm out on the sidewalk at Dome. It is supposed to get even hotter today with 41C being forecast.

Anyway it was great to have a catch up. Alise brought along her friend Claire who is also 'addicted to heels'  and says she will look out for pictures to send to me for posting.

Christine is thinking about changing the look of our site but I am not keen. I like the simplicity and the clean-ness of the site. I guess I have become used to it.

Christine wants to try and get more people commenting and e-mailing. I am not too sure how I/we do this but you can expect to see more requests for people to comment and e-mail.

And as always, as part of our guarantee never to post without at least one picture of sexy high heels here are FOUR pictures of heels. These are all for those people who prefer just the legs and heels pictures and they were all found by Christine.