Emerald panties with glitter stay-up seamed stockings

It is useful having two girls on the team. I can ask them technical questions like "are these stockings or hose" and be informed that these are stockings, but, that they are also hose (which is kind of confusing).

I also asked if stay-up stockings really do stay up to which the answer seems to be "mostly not and you have to keep adjusting them up".

Christine says she is not sure these are actually stay-up stockings. They could be just normal stockings without the suspenders.

See. You even learn important stuff on this site.

But, like most men, I do find stockings extra sexy when worn with heels, and for some reason there is something additionally sexy about seamed stockings. Why is that? So if high heels are a +2 for sexual arousal then high heels with seamed stockings must make that at least +2.2.