Saturday's team meeting … Christine got 2 e-mails in November

Yesterday we actually managed to have one of our 'regular' Saturday team meetings. This is actually the first team meeting in four weeks and I was beginning to worry if we were ever going to have one again. It was great to get together for the meet up and I hope we do it at least one more time before Xmas. While I do the bulk of the posting the original plan was that everyone would help with finding content.

Christine is going away for Christmas but I think she has edited up enough pictures for me to keep posting through most of Christmas without running out.

On the upside Christine reported that she got two e-mails in November. One from 'alter...' and the other from 'john…' (we have purposely not put the full e-mail names in just in case these people do not want to be identified).

Alter... put forward some thoughts on how we might change the site to get more visitors. One of his concerns being that even though we consider our site to be non-porn it is too close to porn for him to share the content with his friends. He suggests that we might get more visitors if we significantly reduce the nudity and semi-nudity. He also suggested more posts of regular women out and about enjoying wearing their heels.

I guess it all depends on what you view as being pornographic but what do other readers think? Should we (I guess I am the main culprit here) stop posting pictures showing bare booby and bare butt? You can either e-mail Christine or post a comment to let me/us know.

John... confesses to having a serious "heel fetish" and goes on to tell us that seeing women in heels out and about causes him to sweat, his heart to race, and for some serious arousal to take place between his legs. Well sexy heels can sure do that to you. Or as Christine said " … that's pretty much to whole idea when she decides to wear heels out".

So here are three sexy heels pictures just to remind you of the arousal power of heels.