High heel sexiness: Or it could all be in the way it makes her walk

"Why do high heels make women appear so much more attractive?"

This is a question that I ask all the time and a question that I continually try to find a solid answer to. In a way it is one of my life's works.

Well according to this posting in the Huffington Post (linked to by the image above), based on research done at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, high heels make a women appear more sexually interesting to us males because of the way it changes how she walks.

The theory developed by psychologists Paul Morris, Jenny White, Edward Morrison, and Kayleigh Fisher is that high heels exaggerate the particularly feminine aspects of how she stands and walks. And this then significantly increases male sexual interest in her.

Their study is titled "High heels as supernormal stimuli: How wearing high heels affects judgements of female attractiveness (by males)". The following image links to the site where the study is referenced. For US$31.50 you can download a PDF file of the complete study. I was tempted but decided to try and find a 'free' copy on the Web somewhere—which I have not been able to find so far.

In theory, it would seem, a woman cannot 'slouch' while standing in heels. Also the heels will accentuate her butt and the curve of her back, both of which will apparently increase any nearby male's sexual interest in her.

I am not too sure I am a fan of this "enhanced feminine gait" theory as to why heels make a woman more sexually interesting to males. But who knows, maybe it is part of the overall magic that high heels have.

First here is a stunner standing in heels.

Here is a stunner walking in heels.

And here are just two pictures of girls in heels to finish off with.