High heel sexiness: Is it because she looks like she is standing tip-toe?

My relentless research into what it is that makes high heels increase a woman's sexiness so much continues. Nothing upgrades the sexiness quotient of a woman so instantly as does simply putting on high heels. No matter what she is wearing, or not wearing, her sexiness index increases by at least 2 points out of 10 when she slips on some magical high heels. There is nothing else she can put on that has such a huge affect on her sex appeal.

Going back since I started doing these posts I have done a number of postings covering various reasons I have found on the Web as to why high heels have such a dramatic affect on a woman's sex appeal. One day I might try and bring them all together into the one post, although it might end up being a long post.

Anyway I have come across another theory. Apparently when women walk on their tip toes it is "cute and sexy and bound to attract attention". You can decide if this is true or not by checking out some of the tip-toe pictures I have found around the web and posted here.

Once you subscribe to the view that a girl on tip-toes looks sexier then the next part of this particular theory is that a girl wearing high heels is always on her tip-toes; but the shoe makes it a bit easier for her to remain on tip toes by providing her with some heel support.

See what you think from these pictures. Are the high heels giving her the sexiness effect of being on tip toes while giving her somewhere to rest her heel to make being on tip toes and sending out that sexual message easier for her?