Last team meeting for 2013

I am even posting on Christmas Day . . .

As I mentioned in my last post the 'addicted to heels'  team had our last team meeting for 2013 last Saturday. It was on the upper level at Galleria in Morley and it was a bit special because the girls wore their heels to this meeting. I have to say that being in the presence of girls in heels is very exciting and I want to thank Christine, Alise, and Claire for making that morning meeting even more special.

We want to thank those readers who have stayed with us. Our numbers are falling slowly for some reason with our average views now down to around 230 per day although we did manage 322 on 17th December.

Also our appeal to our readers to click on the "Like" button about five posts ago was a complete failure. At this stage we have just two "Likes" on that posting.

Christine got one e-mail during December (from John…), although there are a few days left to go yet before December ends.

I will continue posting through Christmas and New Year. Christine and her boyfriend are going to New Zealand for two and half weeks but I have heaps of pictures from Christine that are edited and ready to post. I want to thank Christine again for the time she puts into editing and preparing every one of  our pictures for posting. There is not a single picture that we post that has not been touched up and improved in some way by Christine. It might just be some cropping, or it could be noise removal or colour correction, putting borders on, sharpening, or even enlarging a picture that I really want to post but it is too small, whatever. Every picture is edited before posting.

One of the things discussed at the meeting was going back to our original 'rule' of one picture per post. One reason for this is because going to multiple pictures per post has not had a positive impact on our view counts. What do you think? Should we go back to our original plan of one picture per post? Post a comment. Let me/us know.