Life is short . . . have fun . . . wear those heels out more

We had our last team get-together for 2013 yesterday at the Galleria in Morley. The best thing about this get-together was that the girls (Christine, Alise, and Claire) wore heels. A big thank you to the girls for making the team meeting even more awesome. Also a big welcome to the "addictedtoheels group" to Claire's new boyfriend Ryan (see, he doesn't mind his name being mentioned, unlike someone else's boyfriend we know).

I will give you some more information about what we discussed at the meeting in a future post, maybe the next. But in the meantime I just want to encourage all our female readers (assuming we actually have any female readers) to wear their heels out more.

Life IS short and wearing your heels out is one of those amazingly awesome  things you should do as much as you can while you can. I don't want to be too much of a pessimist but life can go bad so quickly and so unexpectedly and it's too late then the wish you had worn your sexy heels out and created hard cocks everywhere more often.

Imagine the cock arousal going on caused by these heels . . .