Set of high heels pictures all with bare boobies

One of the problems I have is that I have so many pictures stacked up for posting. I have just over 80 pictures of babes in high heels already cleaned up and edited by Christine and sent back to me for posting, plus I have another 110 pictures I have not even sent to her yet for editing.

Part of the problem is getting time to post them and another is that, in theory, according to our original plan, we are only supposed to post one picture per post. Although you will notice that for some time now I have been posting between three and five pictures per post as I sort of try to get rid of my backlog of pictures.

Anyway, here are five pictures of stunners showing off in their sexy high heels with their beautiful boobies there for us to enjoy as well.

As amazing as bare boobies are I have to admit high heels even make boobies look more amazing.

As you can see, some of these pictures were prepared so long ago they still have the Christine approved stamp on them and we decided Christine no longer needed to approve bare booby pictures about three months ago.