We don't get no "Likes" . . . not many anyway

At our last team get together two weeks ago Alise pointed out that we don't get very many "Likes" on our postings. I have not gone back and checked but she said that about 3 "Likes" is as high as any posting ever gets and most postings are zero.

I had noticed this myself in the past but never got around to saying anything about it.

While our visitor numbers have been down in the second half of the year for some reason we still get up around 200 visitors on a good day. Surely we can get more than 3 "Likes".

Unlike many other sites (e.g., the Tumblr sites) when you click "Like" you will not be asked to register or create an account anywhere. You will not get a Facebook pop-up telling you to login to Facebook first. This is a simple SquareSpace "Like".

You just click the "Like", and it will register the like. That's it! No data is collected. No logging in to anything. However you can only click "Like" once for any posting on the same computer.

This way we can get some idea what postings are most liked . . .

As a challenge let's see if we can get to 20 "Likes" on this posting. Go on … do it … click "Like".