So many high heels sites on the Web

I know I have mentioned this before, but it never ceases to amaze me just how many sites there are across the Web that are dedicated to the world's number one sexual clothes fetish: high heels. It seems every time I do a search using a different search string I find a whole heap of high heels sites that I had not come across before.

Admittedly a lot of these sites are X or XX rated and often show lots of bare pussy. Many also feature aroused hard cock and sex, both of which I guess are the inevitable outcome of a man being in the proximity of a lady wearing fuck-me high heels.

But quite often even on these X and XX high heels sites there are pictures we can use that comply with our standards. Two of our key guiding rules are: (1) high heels must be an obvious feature in the picture, and (2) if you found your 15 year old daughter looking at these picture you would probably not be too concerned (she has probably looked at MUCH worse anywhere else on the Web). As a result we do show bare boobies and bare butt, but there is no bare pussy or cock to be seen at this site.

The following five pictures featuring high heels came from X and XX high heels sites.