It is a girl wearing high heels . . .

You just don't get this kind of research on those re-posting sites.

I found the following post "Why We Love High Heels (on your feet)" at a site called Warrior Poet. The image links to the page at the site.

Other text at the site goes on to say "… [girls]  you know that on a date, or when you are around possible mates, high heels make you 100% more desirable than when you wear flats".

This author also thinks like  I do that the sexual magic of high heels goes beyond the longer legs, firmer butt, and posture theory. As he says " 'High heels elongate the legs, define the calves and help with posture,' is the textbook reply.  This is true.  Long legs and toned calves are sexy… and so is good posture.  But why then, is it still sexy to be wearing heels when you are sitting down, or, say… on a bed with your legs in the air?  It is because high heels represent much more than that just long legs, toned calves, and good posture".

These are the same questions I have.

In another part of the article the author points out the most women say that high heels make them feel empowered. As he points out  " 'Of course they do!'  The fact that you can tantalize the beast in every man, but then have the power to say ‘NO!’ to every one of them IS empowering".

I am not sure about his caveman theory. Check the article if you are interested.