Feature site . . . High heels slides give wood

Looking back it has been a long time since I did a feature site. This posting features a site called "High heels slides give wood". As the name makes pretty clear this site features those sexiest and most arousing of all high heels styles: the slide.

This is probably why most 'hooker heels' are slides. So they provide the maximum effect for the wearer on any nearby males. 

You can find the site here but as a word of warning this site does contain some pornographic images (mainly bare pussy and some pictures show sexual activity). 

There was a time when high heel slides were popular but sadly these days it is rare to catch a sighting of high heels slides in the wild. Christine says it is most likely because they are tricky to wear because the heel of your foot generally does not come down properly on the heel of the shoe and this makes them even harder than usual to wear.