Is it the curve of the foot in heels that turns us men on?

As regular readers will know I am always looking for information about why men find women wearing high heels so much sexier and arousing.

Lately I have come across a few articles that suggest it is not because it makes her taller, or causes her butt to jutt out a little further, or her breasts to be pushed forward slightly, or makes her walk more seductively, or any of this. It seems that the key thing that makes high heels so arousing for us mean could be the shape of her foot when she is wearing high heels.

There could be something to this.

This would help explain why so many men, including myself, only need to see those sexy heels on a lady's feet to become sexually aroused . . . even without taking in the rest of her initially.

It might also explain why a lot of men can be turned on just by seeing high heeled shoes even with no female to be seen.

Also this could be why 'hooker heels' or 'stripper heels' are viewed as being so sexy. Because you can see all of the woman's foot and thereby see the whole curve of her foot as it rests into the shape of the high heeled shoe.

It might also explain why just seeing sexy heels in shop windows is even arousing.

Well, if it is the curve of the shoe and the foot that is sexually interesting then the next obvious question is: Why? Why is that curve of a woman's foot as it presses down into her high heels so sexy?

Check out the following pictures and see what you think.