Heels are . . . Fun, Sexy, Exciting, Glamorous, Arousing, . . .

At last weekend's team get together at one stage we got talking about words that describe high heels and then we sort of played a little game. We each had to think of the three best words we could describing heels and write them on a bit of napkin. Following are the words each of us came up with.

  • Alise: Sexy, Exciting, Fun
  • Christine: Glamorous,     Uplifting (they make you feel happier, better), Seductive
  • Christine's bf: Sexy,     Arousing, Hot
  • Me: Sexy, Amazing,     Eye-catching

So three of us agreed on "sexy" and I guess in way Christine's "seductive" is sort of another "sexy".

So here are some girls showing off in their sexy, exciting, fun, glamorous, uplifting, seductive, arousing, hot, amazing, and eye-catching high heels.