What makes high heels so friggin sexy??? I want to know

I seriously want to know what is it that makes high heels so awesome and sexy. I don't believe that it is just because it makes girls look taller. That might be a tiny part of it but that is not the main reason.

Also high heels are arousing even when you can't see the whole girl. Just seeing feet and legs in high heels is sexy and arousing so that really kills the 'taller' reason. For me just seeing high heels in a magazine or in shoe shop windows is exciting and there is no girl to be seen anyway near them.

Also it is not, as one article I read suggested, because hookers wear them. Hookers wear heels because men are aroused and excited by them, so the fact that heels are sexy came before hookers started wearing them . . . and not the other way around.

So what makes high heels so exciting for so many men (and women)?

If anyone has any suggestions or links I can look at please either leave a comment or e-mail Christine. You can decode Christine's e-mail address from this posting here.