Colourful and bright, exciting, sexy, fun, arousing, and interesting

We have mentioned this before but it sort of needs to be mentioned again. Our plan for this site is that it features arousing sexy high heels pictures without getting into the area of X rating. Christine works in media and we sort of developed a 'mission statement' or motto for the site which was "Colourful and bright, exciting, sexy, fun, arousing, and interesting". I am not too sure we have managed the "interesting" part of that but I think we have achieved the others.

As Alise says, if you found your ten year old son or daughter on our site you would not be too concerned . . . compared to many of the other sites freely available on the Web.

Please consider this when e-mailing pictures or links to pictures. Basically we will not post pictures depicting sex acts or showing penises or bare pussy. As long they are approved by Christine we will post pictures of nude or semi-nude ladies wearing sexy high heels but the heels need to be clearly in the picture and not cut off or obscured or in dark shadow so they cannot be seen.

Obviously all pictures for posting must feature sexy high heels in some way.