Need to post faster . . . getting a big backlog of sexy high heels pictures

I have so many high heels pictures and notes stored away in Evernote for posting that if I don't get a lot of them posted soon I am going to have to upgrade my Evernote to Pro to get more storage space. Also the team keeps finding new high heels pictures to post all the time. Then Christine gets occasional e-mails of others to post. At this rate I doubt I will ever get them all posted. I just counted up what I have and to get them all posted by the middle of the year I would need to post 22 a day.

When we started this site we wondered if we would be able to keep finding enough sexy arousing pictures of high heels to post. But once you start searching it is really incredibly amazing just how many high heels fetish sites and forums there are, and that is without getting into the X rated high heels sites with femdom and BDSM. If you were to include the X rated high heels sites then there must be tens of thousands of sites featuring high heels.

Okay. So I am going to try and post a little faster but it does depend on Christine a bit because she edits the pictures before I post them.

And here, as always, is our guaranteed sexy high heels picture with EVERY posting.