Christine's new blue heels

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about how my current favourite colour for heels is blue and I found some Lipstik blue peep toes at The Iconic web site that I liked. Well after that post I decided I liked them so much that I would buy them but I could not find them in the shops and I prefer to buy from shops if the price is not too much different. But I found the Ita style which is a pump very much like the Zinga blue peeps.

So I tried on the Ita style pumps in the shop to make sure of the fit and size and then I took a chance on buying the Zinga peeps from The Iconic web site.

Well they came on Thursday. Here are some pictures.

It is ALWAYS exciting getting new heels even when they are sort of budget heels like Lipstik and I think they do look seriously sexy. They heel has more slope on it than I generally like. I prefer a heel that has less of slope but even so these shoes feel pretty awesome to wear.

And that always brings the next two big problems for us girls when we buy sexy new shoes. Where to wear them and what to wear them with?

Well when I get to wear them somewhere and if I remember and if we are still doing this site then I will let you know.

Christine (sitting here keying this in my new blue heels . . . breaking them in)