Christine's 1st e-mail . . . Highest heels I've worn

Finally I got an e-mail. I thought nobody was ever going to e-mail us or me. I thought we might have made the e-mail address too hard to find our work out.  But I have now got my first e-mail on the account I set up for addictedtoheels readers to e-mail me.

We will never publish anyone's e-mail address and the person did not put a name or a nick on their e-mail but this is what it said . . . I have corrected the spelling mistakes and added in obviously missing words.

"I am 43 years old and I have been addicted to heels since about 17 or 18. I have been married twice. My first wife was not very interested in heels but I have been very lucky with my new wife who loves heels. She wears heels for me almost anywhere I ask her to as long as there is not a lot of walking and standing to do.

I like your new web pages very much and check them daily now for new pictures.

Can you tell us how high the heels are that you wear mostly and what are the highest heels you have worn."

Okay. This took a little bit of work to answer because I actually had to go and measure some of my heels to see what the average height is which meant then first finding a ruler. Also do you mean the full heel height or the heel height without the platform? Also what is the right way to measure a heel height? If you leave about 1.5 cm off for the platform the average height of my current favourites is about 10 cm which is 3.95 inches according to 'convertunits' on the Web. This is if I measure up the centre of the heel from the side.


You asked what are the highest heels I have worn and I assume you mean that I have actually worn out somewhere rather than just tried on in a shop. I don't actually know how high they were but when I was about 19 I wore out a pair of white semi-plat  pumps with an ankle strap that felt insanely high at the time. They belonged to a friend of mine  and even though they were a half size too big for me I  ended up wearing them out for almost a whole day on a wine tasting bus tour up through the Swan Valley.

There were 11 of us in the group; 7 girls and 4 guys and all us girls had agreed that we were going to wear sexy heels. The theory was we would be sitting down most of the time either on the bus or at the various vineyards tasting wines. But there was probably more standing and walking than we thought and I had to undo the strap and slip my sexys off a few times to give my feet a break. Apart from slightly sore feet at the end of the day from memory it was a great day and I do recall getting a lot of looks. I remember thinking that I must have looked very sexy in those heels.


I did some quick searches to try and find shoes like the ones I wore and this is the closest I can find without spending a lot of time searching. But if you imagine these with an ankle strap about twice as wide and a 1 cm platform then that would be very close to how they looked.

I think these heels would have been about 5" and I think I more or less decided at that time that heels that high were just a little too high to wear out and walk around in comfortably.

I hope all my e-mail answers don't end up being this long :-)


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