Pink heels on Instagram

Christine's friend Alise showed us that there are lots of pictures of heels on Instagram. These are pictures that people, mostly girls (but not all girls), have taken to show off their pink heels.

The pictures are mostly all taken using mobile phone cameras so just about all of them are not very good quality and some of them are really bad. They are blurry or out of focus or badly framed or the colours are not right or they are distorted because they are self-taken with them holding the phone.  Some were taken in low light and have a lot of digital noise (speckling) going on (like the first one). Also (according to Christine) because Instagram resizes pictures to take up less space this causes jaggy edging in some pictures.

Anyway, heel pics are heels pics and are always good to see so we will find and show you different high heels collection on Instagram. The first one is #pinkheels. If you want to see lots of pink heels then have a look. Here are some samples. With some of them Christine, who does just about all of the picture editing for this site, has also added back in the text that the person posting the picture to Instagram (usually via Twitter) put with the picture so you can see what they said. The first picture has the link to this Instagram collection.

Blue toenails and red heels . . . seriously (from Christine).