I Like these Louboutin heels (Christine)

One of my rare postings. I did plan to post more often but have not had the time really. Lucky that Justin is still so keen and is doing lots of posts. But I just had to post this. I spotted them in a magazine and then searched for them on the web.

The platform is higher than I like. I prefer semi-plats with only about 1 cm platform. The platform on these looks about 3.5 cm to my expert high-heels eye. But I like heels that show as much bare foot as possible. It is like you are almost bare foot but your not. You are wearing really sexy high heels.

Also they look like the would keep my heel resting over the heel of the shoe. They have that solid looking heel cup. The trouble with so many sandal high heels is that they are not designed well to keep your heel  located over the shoe heel.

When I see awesome heels like this I just want to put them on and see what they feel like and how they make you feel … but sadly that is something you can't do over the internet.

Bye … Christine