Meeting of the board . . . can we post "R" rated heels pictures?

Today is Saturday the first day of spring and Christine, Alise, and myself have had a meeting about whether or not we (I) can post what we would call in Australia "R" rated pictures featuring high heels. This is because as I scan the web for eye candy pictures of heels to post obviously many of the pictures I find are of beautiful modelsin scanty lingerie and heels, or they are topless in heels, and sometimes completely naked wearing nothing but heels.

Also I sort of snuck an "R" rated heels picture in about five posts ago where the model was in scanty lingerie.

After two slow coffees at a well known coffee shop in Leederville, both of which I somehow ended up paying for, and me showing Christine and Alise some pictures of what I mean, it has been agreed that I (we) can post "R" rated pictures of high heels eye candy ... BUT ... the heels have to be a focus part of the picture, and Christine and Alise must approve all "R" rated pictures.

So here is my first three approved "R" rated high heels eye candy pictures and I have to say that the heels just make these pictures . . . absolutely perfectly . . . and I was amazed that I got the third one approved.