Blue is my current favourite colour

My turn to write something (Christine) . . . not too sure what to write about at short notice so I am just going to write about my current liking of blue high heels. I am looking for a really sexy pair of blue high heels to buy. Even though I generally prefer sandals I am thinking of getting pumps or peep toes. Also I can't decide on whether to get fabric finish or gloss patent finish.

When you start looking for bright blue heels there is not really that much around. Not in Perth, Western Australia anyway.

I found these on line at StyleTread and I sort of like them. They are $112 but they don't have half sizes and I am generally a 7.5. Also I have never bought Siren brand shoes before.

I found these at Iconic and I love the colour but . . . I don't like the bow and from the style I don't think my heel would be held firmly on the shoe heel and I hate shoes where my heel slops around on the heel of the shoe. Also there are no 38 (7.5) sizes left.

These were also on Iconic and they are Peep Toe brand which is one of my favourite brands but the other colour on the platform spoils them. They should have made the platform the same colour as the shoe.

When I found the next ones at Iconic I instantly liked them and for under $50 it would be hard to go wrong. But again . . . no 7.5 size. I have three other pairs of Lipstik shoes. They are not as well made as Tony Bianco or Peet Toe but they are sort of okay.  So I am going to try and find these in the shops because many shoes shops do sell Lipstik.

Everything else I found either had too much of a platform (I don't like a platform to be much more than about 1.5 cm) or was the wrong blue (too pale) or I just did not like them.

Here are some other blue heels I found on the internet while looking for ideas but I am sure that these shoes cost a lot more than my limit. . . . especially the last ones. OMG imagine wearing those out to a party or the casino. Pity the heel was not about 1cm higher but even so they look amazing.

This post is probably way too long and Justin is going to complain. Oh well. Thanks for coming to our site . . . Christine.