Search for high heels sites . . . there are so many

Last night Christine, Alise, and I got together to search the web for sites featuring high heels and we were sort of surprised how many sites we found. I am not talking about sites that are sales sites selling shoes. I am talking about sites run by fans of high heels . . . like us.

In the end we captured over 100 sites in Evernote (112 actually) before we decided we had enough for many many posts to our site but there were obviously still many more sites we had not found or recorded.

So we have a lot of stuff for future posts. Also Christine and I will be looking into what it is about heels that makes them so magical and amazing. Why do women and men find heels so sexy and exciting? Women like buying and wearing them, and men are aroused by seeing women wearing them. We hope to find some answers to this question.

Christine is also going to set up a mail account that readers can send ideas to for us to post about so watch out for that. In the meantime here is a great heels picture to appreciate.