Online shopping for heels

Hi. My turn to post something again (Christine). I thought I would post something on shopping for heels on the Internet. I actually prefer going into shops and trying heels on and buying them. I have purchased shoes from the Internet about six times over the last couple of years so I guess I am not really an expert at this.

My first two purchases went perfectly. They were both PeepToe brand heels and as I already owned five other pairs of PeepToe brand heels I knew the size. So when I ordered them and picked 38 as the size I was pretty sure they were probably going to fit and they did. So I can say that PeepToe at least seem to keep to their own size standard.

The latest pair I bought were Diavolina and I got the 7.5 which is supposed to be the same as 38 but when I got them they were smaller. So I had to go through the annoying part of sending them back and getting the 8s. This is what I think is the main pain with shopping for shoes on the Internet ... will the size and fit be right when they arrive. It is just so depressing when you have brand new heels arrive and you are so excited about them and then when you put them on you realise that you are going to have to send them back and wait again for the right size to arrive.

I used Styletread for all my Internet purchases.

So I guess what I have learnt from this is that if you are buying heels over the Internet then it is a good idea to buy a brand you already know your size in because then you have a much better chance of a good fit and not having to do a return to change the size. Otherwise what you can do, and I know people do this, is go to the shops and find the brand you are buying and try them. It does not have to be the same style as the shoe you are buying just the same brand because I think you can be reasonably sure that within a brand the sizes will be kept standard.