Feature high heels site . . . HHPlace.org

This is our first posting about another site that is dedicated to high heels. The site is the High Heels Place and it can be found at www.hhplace.org.

The High Heels Place is a discussion forum site where members talk about all kinds of things relating to the awesomeness of high heels.

Following you can see some of the forums at High Heels Place.

The High Heel Place caters for men and women. There are forums for just men to discuss high heels related stuff and others for just women. The men's forums tend to talk more about men wearing heels, their frustration with not being able to wear heels freely in public, and some of their adventures about wearing heels out in public. The women's forums talk about the kinds of heels they like, the different reasons why they like wearing heels, things they don't like about (some) heels, and what they think about men (most men anyway) being sexually aroused by heels.

What The High Heels place is not is a hard-core high heels fetish site. While they do talk about high heels as a sexual fetish in some threads the main topic thread is more around is the thrill and adventure of wearing heels ... for men and for women.

We know about this site because our very own Christine has confessed that she was a member of this site for a little while about 18 months ago. So if you look around this site you might find a few postings there from Christine.

And here, as part of our "high heels picture with every post" guarantee is Emma Watson striding out in heels.