Hi, This is Christine

Hi to anyone who has found this site already.

I am Christine and I am hopelessly addicted to heels.

I am not too sure when my addiction started. I do recall clomping around the house as a little girl in my mum's high heels but I think it was more likely that it really started when I was about 16 and then I was hopelessly hooked by about 18 when I would wear heels almost any chance I got that did not involve much walking or standing around.

I have a lot better control over my addiction now that I am a little older and wiser (but not too much older) and I am trying to save to upgrade my car and to buy my own house (get the deposit to buy my own house). While I am still drawn to shoe shops almost every time I go out shopping my impulsive purchasing of high heels is no where near as bad as it was a couple of years ago and now I try to stick to just one new pair of sexy heels a month. But I have to admit there is something seriously awesome about putting on a beautiful new pair of heels in a shop and it takes a lot of talking to yourself not to just flick out your credit card and take them home to wear out and show off later.

I have bought quite a few pairs of heels over the web but I really do prefer trying them on and experiencing how they actually feel. Also, as all of us girls know who have sent shoes back for exchange, the sizes cannot be trusted and you cannot see how narrow the toe fittings are from web pictures. Especially with closed in toe heels like courts and peep-toes.

Mostly I prefer sandal styles even though I have lots of pairs of peep-toes and pumps, but I do wear my sandal heels a lot more often. I just think that sandals look sexier and also your toes are usually much less cramped, but then there are times when pumps or peeps really work well. Also with pumps and peeps the fit is even more important with making sure the heel fits nice and snug in the heel cup.

With sandals I like to make sure that the heel of my foot stays over the heel of the shoe and does not move too much from side to side when I walk, and you can't really tell about that from web pictures either. Sometimes sandals seem to have solid ankle strap support but when you actually wear them your heel moves from side to side more than I like it to.

Okay. I am rambling a bit now. I tend to do that. I write and check documentation for my work and because of that once I start writing I tend to have trouble stopping when I should. So I will stop this page now. In future I will try and do more postings along with Justin.

For my sexy heels picture I will show you a pair of Louboutin heels that look traffic stopping awesome and I would love, love, love, to know what they feel like to wear but as they cost something like $1,500 there is not much chance that will ever happen.

That's it for now, Christine.