Our new site, addicted to heels

Hi. Like about 90% of all men I find a female wearing high heels to be very sexy. Somtimes, depending on the shoes, they can be very very sexy—almost too sexy and arousing to be worn in public.

This is going to be a site all about high heels where I (we) plan to investigate and write about the how and the why of the awesome sexiness of high heels.

My (our) plan is to find out as much as I can about high heels from anywhere that I can and to collect it all together here. I (we) will be finding awesome high heels pictures and posting them, and I hope to find out all kinds of facts and things about high heels and post them as well. Also we will be sharing links we find to other sites featuring high heels.

I am not alone in my quest. My best friend’s girlfriend Christine is going to help me in keeping this site going as long as we can. Christine, who hates being called Chrissy or Chris (so we don’t call her that), and who herself will confess to being 'addicted to heels' helped set up this site (she did all the hard work really) and she will be making changes to it to improve it as we go along.

Christine tried out Blogspot and Word Press before she decided that we would use SquareSpace. She actually started out trying SquareSpace first and got really frustrated with it and said it was crap, and then she looked at Blogspot and then Word Press. Then she came back to SquareSpace and decided that it was not so bad after all. This has all taken her a couple of weeks so now that we have the site up I am hoping we can start some real posting.

Also we have to pay to have a site with SquareSpace so that proves that we really want to make this work.

So the adventure starts and I hope that both myself and Christine can keep finding something to post here regularly about amazing, sexy, arousing, awesome, erotic, high heels.