High heels on the pool table . . . awesome picture

Here at addictedtoheels we try to bring you a better class of picture featuring babes wearing sexy arousing high heels. The minute I came across this picture I knew I had to post it. I sent it off to Christine for cropping and editing immediately.

I love this picture. I would have this picture as a poster in my house. The model is seriously cute. The setting is awesome . . . are there really pool tables with that colour fabric on them? Or has the photographer gone to all the trouble of photoshopping the fabric that colour (we didn't do it)? Then the perfect colour matching high heels, the flower in her hair, the scarf, the lipstick, the nail polish, and even the suspender panties which the photographer gives us a tiny glimpse of. Image how long it took the model to get ready to do this pose!

Thanks to the photographer Maurizio Marcato for this amazing picture. If you are interested you might want to visit his site which can be found here.