The High Heels Daily

A site we often come across when doing searches, especially when we us the Bing search engine, is the "High Heels Daily". The following image links to the site.

As the name of the site says they have a daily posting to the site relating to high heels. Unlike most other high heels sites which focus more on pictures of sexy high heels or hot women out wearing sexy high heels, the High Heels Daily presents 'news' about high heels.

For example today's posting is about whether hooved-style high heels will be a fashion trend at next week's Melbourne Cup.


There are also investigative articles such as the following one where they look into whether Nike high heels are fact or fiction.


They also do features on new releases and these often include having their own models model the heels for our viewing pleasure as with these Alexander Wang heels.

Christine, who does all the picture editing for the posts to our site, says she is jealous of these heels and that they look incredibly sexy.