Powdery peach-pink pumps with a flower on them

You are going to get sick of my postings and be glad when Justin gets back and takes over the posting again.

Alise found these on Flickr and we both really like them. I prefer sandals to pumps and I generally don't like flowers or lace on my shoes. But I do like these even though they do have a flower on them.

The colour is also quite amazing. It is hard to work out what the colour is but Alise says it looks like peach-pink to her. We Google'd "peach pink colour" and can you believe that there is actually a Pinterest site called "Peach & Pink Color"? (here). Nothing to do with high heels. It is mostly flowers and there are only 16 pictures pinned so there is not much there to see.

Another post by Christine (with a bit of help from Alise).