Christine's tips for buying and wearing heels

Hi, this is Christine posting again and this is mainly for our female readers.

I love wearing high heels. I have been addicted to heels since I was about 16. Back then my mum told me that I would soon get over wearing heels but each year (I am 25 now) my addiction seems to get a little bit stronger. I love how they make me feel and how they make me look. Putting on high heels instantly increases the sexiness of any outfit.

For me wearing high heels is exciting and fun. Most times just putting on high heels makes me feel happier and sexier. Sometimes when I am sad or down about something I will put heels on to pick myself up a bit make myself feel a bit happier.

One of the best things to do in the world is trying on new heels in the shops, and then one of the next best things to do is deciding where to wear a new sexy pair of heels.

However, sad as it is, high heels are totally not made for doing much standing or walking in. When I am going to wear heels I always think ahead to how much standing and walking I will be doing.

I am sure there are Web sites that tell you all the reasons you should not wear heels but here are some of my tips and ideas.

Buying heels

These are my three tips for buying new heels. Firstly I go for heels that scrunch my toes together less. This generally means going more for sandal styles which works for me because I prefer sandal style heels. I like to show lots of bare foot in my heels. But I also have pumps and peep-toes that I love. It is harder to get pumps and peep-toes that don't scrunch your toes but try and get wider fittings that don't totally squeeze your toes together.

I am a 7.5 size (Australia) and I think that about an 11 cm heel is as high as you should go for general wearing out heels. I don't take a tape measure with me but I can tell if the heel is about 10 to 11 cm. Also most of the shoe buying Web sites give you the heel heights. It is the actual foot heel height that really matters. So if you have a 3 cm platform then the total heel height will be 14 cm but the actual foot heel height is still a very sexy 11 cm but is not too high that you cannot wear the shoe for more than ten minutes.

My third buying tip is a bit harder to explain. Try and find high heels where the heel is not just angled straight down and your heel just slides straight down it. Try and pick heels with a flatter angle so your heel has something to rest on when you are standing.

I have a couple of pictures that will help explain this. That way there is something for your heel to rest on when you are standing rather than all the pressure going down on the ball of your foot.

This post has got really long now so I think I will leave my other tips about wearing heels for another post.

Bye, Christine.