Christine's mailbag . . . wearing heels to bed

It seems like a long time since I did a post to our site. I will try and do more in future. I promise. One way to make sure I do more would be to send me more e-mails :-)

This is only the second e-mail I have had since we started the site . . . which is kind of sad.

'promises' asks me if I have ever worn high heels to bed.

I am not sure if he means worn high heels to bed for sex or just worn high heels to bed. Anyway the answer is yes to both.

I have worn high heels in bed for sex. I was basically begged to do so by a particular boyfriend and I have to admit, when the guy is really into heels, it is fun and sexy to do.

I have also just worn high heels to bed although that did not work out very well. Back when I was a silly teen and obsessed with a pair of new heels I wore them to bed. But that only lasted about 30 minutes because high heels under the bed sheets just does not work. They get caught on the sheets every time you move.