Fiat 500 and the (very sexy) red shoes

When the four of us (myself, Christine, Christine's bf, and Alise—Hi Alise, I didn't forget you) decided to start our 'addicted to heels' site we didn't want it to be just another high heels picture site. So we didn't set it up as a Tumblr picture site or a Facebook site (Christine hates Facebook). We actually paid money to set up a SquareSpace site and we bought a domain name (addictedtoheels, obviously). Two domain names actually because we could not decide between addictedtoheels and addicted2heels, so we registered both names.

We try to only post higher-quality pictures, and, unlike most other high heels feature sites, we don't post anything X rated and Christine is our X-rated picture censor.

I think the picture in this post is a great example of the better class of high heel fetish pictures we try to find and post. This if from Deviant Art and was submitted by SisMisBoy. It is named the same as the title of this post—except for the bit in brackets.

You can see the picture at the Deviant Art site here.

I really like this picture. I would have it framed on my wall. Alise, who is into photography, agrees it is a great shot.

Christine says I should also say that, unlike most of the pictures we post, apart from some border treatment, she did not do any editing to this picture.