Taylor Swift all in red wearing Charlotte Olympia heels

I was doing searches for red high heels and came across this pretty awesome picture of Taylor Swift in this red dress with these red heels. Apparently it has something to do with her releasing an album called "Red".

I loved the picture of Taylor when I first spotted it but it was only a small picture. I searched and searched trying to find a larger picture. I tried Bing, Google, Excite, Yahoo . . . but after at least two hours of searching I could not find a bigger picture. To the rescue comes Christine who has managed to make a reasonably good enlargement of the picture I found.

Not only did Christine make me a bigger picture of Taylor she found an item on the Web telling us what shoes Taylor was wearing in that shoot.

Here is the original picture I found.


Here is the enlarged picture done by Christine.

These are the awesome heels Taylor is wearing. In the notes it says that Taylor had about thirty pairs of heels to try on and choose from. These Charlotte Olympia heels were only about the fifth pair she tried but once she put them on she loved them and did not try any of the others.

I looked these heels up and they cost $984 in Australia. They have a 4.25" heel lift (the height from the top of the platform to the heel)  with the full heel height being 5.5".

If anyone knows where to get a the high-res version of this picture of Taylor in this red dress and heels then please e-mail Christine or leave a comment.

Thanks, Justin.