Two months of posting . . . celebrations

Well we have managed to keep the site going for two months. I am sort of surprised that we have.

While it is mainly me and Christine the four of us actually do have a weekly 'addictedtoheels' get together to discuss any new ideas and so far we have got together every week since we started. We just get together at a coffee shop or in a shopping centre food mall or one time it was just at the local McDonalds Café. At this stage it is still fun having these weekly meetings about 'addictedtoheels' and working out where to have them.

Even Christine's boyfriend (who does not want to be named) has come to each of our weekly 'addictedtoheels' meetings. But he probably does not have a lot of choice (if I could work out how to put a smiley face in this post I would put one here).

I want to thank Christine for all the help and her enthusiasm when I point out at just about every 'meeting' that we are not getting any comments or any "likes". I also want to thank her for all the help she gives correcting much of my stuff and doing editing on most of the pictures. She has taught me how to use Windows 7 Skydrive so we can easily share post and pictures, and also how to use SquareSpace.

Also not forgetting Alise (Christine's friend) who often sends me links to heels pictures or heels web sites she has found on the web.

I think our next big date will be at six months. I hope we manage to keep it going.

Finally here is a heels picture per our "a sexy heels picture with every posting" guarantee.