OMG I love those shoes (Christine)

I love these shoes from our posting before. These shoes are almost my perfect design. They show as much  bare foot as possible but they have  good heel hold so your heel stays on the heel. They look to have about my perfect height heel and the heel part flattens out a bit and is not just sloping straight down. Also they don't have much of a platform. Almost no platform at all. It is hard to tell from the pictures but probably only 1cm or less. They just look so perfect.

Not totally sure about the colour or the metal bit on the heels but you can't have everything.

From looking at them I love them, but as us women know it can all change when you try them on and they totally don't fit your foot shape. I found this picture showing Jennifer Lopez wearing them and they seem to work. I don't like my toes to be cramped too much and from this picture that does not seem to be a problem.

I have checked on the Web to see who sells Giuseppe Zanotti shoes around Perth and I think I might phone some of the shops and see if they have these heels. They are likely to be a little out of my budget but it would be awesome just to get to try them on.

So simply but so so sexy . . . Well I think so anyway.