Sneak pic of a girl trying heels on

I love watching girls trying new heels on in shops. Some time ago I had two favourite shoe shops in malls where there were seats in the mall from which you could see into the shoe shops. Just sitting there watching girls trying on heels is a great pass time. Seeing them put them on and then do that exciting little walk around they do to see if the like them, and then maybe they will try something else, and then coming back and trying on some again that they have already tried. I could spend hours watching that. I used to try and guess which heels they would end up buying.

Here is a  picture of a girl trying heels on. I think the picture was taken secretly because it has been taken with the camera held low and I don't think the girl has any idea pictures are being taken.

They look like very sexy and quite expensive heels. I wonder if she bought them?