So much about sexy high heels on the internet (Christine)

There is so much more on the internet about heels than I expected . . . and there are millions of pictures.

When Justin and I decided to do a site about sexy high heels we did a couple of searches on the internet just to see how much stuff about heels we could find. We found enough with a few quick searches  to think that we could do a site that was just all about sexy heels.

Now that we have done lots more searching over the last couple of months I am amazed at how much there is for high heels. Much more than I really thought, and that is without considering the shoe shopping sites or all the porn sites with heels.

Even if you just do a search on the Flickr photo sharing site for 'sexy high heels' you get about 50,000 pictures and these will just be the pictures that are set as PUBLIC viewing.

I also learnt a new abbreviation used on the internet that I did not know. 'sHHs' and it is usually written like that. It means 'sexy high heel shoes'.

I just looked at the first 300 pictures from the Flickr search and picked out the following five examples.