Heels = hot babe (no matter how blurry)

This is not from a high heels site. It is from a general news site and commenter's were invited to provide a caption for the picture. The key thing about the picture is the outline of a handgun in the woman's bag.

But it is interesting to note from the comments that the main thing most men saw were the blue high heels on the woman in the background to the right which got comments like:

  • " … I'd do the purple shoe babe"
  • "I'd love to see the face on the woman wearing the blue heels"
  • "I think those blue heels in the background look a lot more dangerous"

The final comment I clipped says "Lady in brown dress is hot". This is the woman in the background in the sexy blue heels and this commenter is declaring her "hot" even though he cannot see her face and what he can see is seriously out of focus and speckled with digital noise. This is a great testament to the awesome power of high heels. Even blurry far-away high heels.